Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

Living Abled

After nearly a decade of thought and writing, Living Abled & Healthy: Your Guide to Injury & Illness Recovery (Living Abled) is now a reality. Living Abled and this companion website reflect the need recognized by many to change attitudes, improve outcomes, minimize long-term complaints, and reduce needless disability. “Needless disability” is, more and more, being recognized as one the most damaging results of medical, legal, social practices common in the United States and many other nations.

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Author Christopher R. Brigham, MD, is an international expert on human potential, impairment and disability assessment and management. His authoritative book helps us navigate the “disability system” and shows how even well-intended advice can affect healthcare outcomes in surprising ways.

Living Abled is a user-friendly, easy-to-read, practical handbook, coupled with web-based resources and tools, to aid in addressing our critical issues of injury and illness recovery. It is a guide for achieving our best possible outcomes while we deal with the complex maze of systems and issues. National leaders in medical, legal, and insurance practices have aided this effort with field-specific contributions.

Living Abled supports our goals in achieving our maximum health and independence. Individuals, groups, and corporations with a history of using and abusing us will not welcome this book—those who share our goals of maximum health and independence will.

Living Abled is the informed alternative to that feeling we have no choice and need to put blind faith in our doctors, attorneys, and insurers. If we want to maintain or reclaim control of our lives, we now have the tools.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your feedback.

book link: Living Abled and Healthy

Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

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