Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

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Health and Work

The relationship between health and work. Why work is good for us.

Taking Control of Our Health

The relationships of healthy minds, bodies and spirits. How to achieve health.

Our Minds and Our Bodies—How They Connect

The connection between our minds and bodies (neuroplasticity). What differentiates the “Challenged and Empowered” from the “Needlessly Disabled.” What we can do to achieve joyful and productive lives.

What Do We Mean?

Understanding of concepts and terms, including placebo effect, evidence-based medicine, shared decision-making, iatrogenesis, causation, activities of daily living, maximal medical improvement, impairment, disability and disability duration guidelines.

What Hurts Us?

Meaning of labels (which may be misleading) and common painful conditions.

Are We or Aren’t We?

Understanding of critical factors that influence our lives and outcomes, including beliefs, locus of control, risk factors, childhoods and early life experiences, personality disorders, dependence and codependence, victimization, sick role and illness behavior, somatization, medicalization, secondary gain, malingering and fraud.

Systems and Non-Systems

Insights to “systems” and how to navigate successfully through them, including workers’ compensation, vehicle insurance compensation, personal injury compensation, and private disability insurance.


How to choose wisely health care providers. How to maximize benefits from each encounter and minimize risks. Insights to appropriate roles of primary care provider providers, specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, mental health providers, complementary and alternative medical providers, and chiropractors.


When and when not to involve lawyers. If we need to involve an attorney how to choose attorneys and manage them.

Other Players

Understanding the role and how to relate successfully to claims professionals, case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, independent medical evaluators, employers, the internet, advocacy groups and the media.

Diagnosing and Treating

What to expect with diagnosis and treatment, including how to maximize benefits and risks of testing, drugs, interventional pain management, surgery, and medical devices. With drugs, understanding of “Big Pharma,” risky drugs, and inappropriate prescribing.

What Next?

Actions we should take, as individuals and society, to achieve better outcomes.

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Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

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