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From Chris Brigham, MD, one of the world’s leading experts on health and disability, comes an incisive guide to recovery from injury or illness. Living Abled & Healthy provides us with unique insights, knowledge and resources that permit us to achieve more joyful and productive lives.

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Author Christopher R. Brigham, MD, is an international expert on human potential, impairment and disability assessment and management. His authoritative book helps us navigate the “disability system” and shows how even well-intended advice can affect healthcare outcomes in surprising ways.

We all hate being hurt or sick. It gets worse if, at the same time, we have to deal with challenging medical, legal, insurance, disability, and financial issues. Sometimes the questions, people, and systems we face make our lives really difficult. Life should not have to be this way. But, today, since it is, Living Abled & Healthy permits us to take charge during injury or illness rather than allowing others to take charge of us. Maneuvering through medical and legal systems may not be easy and the answers are not always clear. This book, in conjunction with web-based tools, provides us with the knowledge and resources we need.

book title: Living Abled and Healthy

For over three decades, Chris Brigham, MD, as a clinician and as a researcher has pondered:

  • What defines disability and how may it be prevented?
  • Why do people with similar problems, even when they receive the same care, sometimes have dramatically different outcomes?
  • How do compensation systems, healthcare professionals, and our own actions contribute to our health or disability?
  • How are we best able to experience joyful and productive lives?

He has been motivated by people who, despite catastrophic injuries or illnesses, live inspirational lives, and saddened by others who have been trapped in a needless belief of being disabled and particularly by those who disable others. Systems, healthcare professionals, and procedures intended to help us can sometimes hurt us. Profit incentives affect many stakeholders and sometimes drive actions that are not in our best interests. In this book Brigham shares both current science and his insights—information that empowers us to take control.

During our lives we will deal with injury or illness and we will recover—or we may not. There is a significant chance we or someone we care about will become disabled. To better understand injury, illness, and disability, we embrace a “biopsychosocial” approach including biological, psychological, and social elements. Physical illnesses we face affect all of who we are—including our minds and spirits. Our mind-body connections are surprisingly strong. If we believe something is helping us we will likely feel better. If we believe something is hurting us we will likely feel worse. Our attitudes define who we are and the choices we make determine our destinies.

  • Have we ever faced injury or illness and been unsure of what to do?
  • Have we ever questioned whether medical care we received or did not receive represented the best decisions?
  • Have we ever wondered if we should have more actively shared in decision-making along with our healthcare providers?
  • Have we ever wondered what actually caused our problems and what we could be doing to keep them from affecting us for so long—maybe forever?
  • Have we ever questioned whether we should continue working or apply for disability compensation?
  • Have we ever wondered whether our lawyers were focused on helping us or on helping themselves?
  • Have we ever been overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the systems surrounding our healthcare?
  • Have we ever wondered how best to deal with our emotions when we face losses and frustrations?

At one time or another pretty much all of us have. Living Abled & Healthy provides us with solutions.

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book link: Living Abled and Healthy

Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

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