Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

Chinese Edition of “Living Abled” Released

“Living Abled” is a concept that resonates internationally. While in Beijing, I found much interest in this topic and in the related experiences of the United States. An outstanding occupational medicine physician and good friend, Hong Zhang, MD graciously introduced me to the President of People’s Medical Publishing House. There was immediate interest in making … Continue reading Chinese Edition of “Living Abled” Released

ADA Anniversary Reception at White House

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) strengthening the rights of individuals with disabilities. I was privileged to have been included among those invited to the White House on July 20 for a reception honoring this historic anniversary. It is hard now to even remember the restrictions common in … Continue reading ADA Anniversary Reception at White House

What is disability?

As children, when we dream about our lives, our dreams do not include becoming disabled. Nearly all of us are affected by disability issues. Either we face possible disability or family members or friends do. A twenty-year-old American worker has a three-in-ten chance of becoming identified as “disabled” before reaching retirement. The term “disability” encompasses … Continue reading What is disability?

Living Abled

After nearly a decade of thought and writing, Living Abled & Healthy: Your Guide to Injury & Illness Recovery is now a reality. Living Abled & Healthy and its companion website reflect the need recognized by many to change attitudes, improve outcomes, minimize long-term complaints, and reduce needless disability. “Needless disability” is, more and … Continue reading Living Abled

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Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery

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